Maximilian Schirmer


I am a research and teaching assistant at the Mobile Media group of the Bauhaus-University in Weimar. My research interests span the fields of Mobile and Context-aware Computing, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp). Aspects of Distributed Computing and Database Management Systems are also very important in my research.

My activities include supervising student projects and student theses, as well as carrying out assignments for various lectures. Previously, I was a member of the Computer-Supported Cooperative Work group at the Bauhaus-University.

In my thesis, I develop a concept for the energy-aware use of smartphone sensors for the detection of context elements. The concept will be implemented and evaluated over the course of my research activities.

Experiences and Skills

I received my Master’s degree in Media Systems with the top-most grade of 1.0 for my thesis The GReco Editor: Composing, Visualising, and Editing Group Recommender Systems.

My experiences in software development include various programming languages like:

as well as scripting languages (AppleScript, Python). I have advanced knowledge of the Cocoa API (PDO, Bindings, Quartz Composer, Interface Builder, …) and J2SE frameworks (JNI, RMI, Networking, Swing/AWT, …) for application development as well as general knowledge in network and concurrent programming.

In terms of web development, I’m an advocate for semantic markup in web pages with many years of experience in:

I can handle Adobe’s Creative Suite and use LaTeX as primary word processor whenever possible.

Other Activities and Interests

In my spare time, I enjoy taking photographs and have a strong passion for progressive rock music. Furthermore, reading good books and biking make me savour my stay on this planet.